FAA Compliance

Law-Abiding Midwesterners

The word “drone” conjures up different images to different people – some of those images can be associated with a threatening or menacing nature. The drones we operate for aerial footage are not those types of drones. In essence, they are unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. They are short range, with around 5-10 minutes flight time. Their capabilities include flying, and shooting aerial videography and photography – that’s all. We use them strictly for use within our video production studio; we completely respect the privacy of others and will not capture images of someone without their consent. We also make sure maintain a safe and regulated distance from airports and full sized aircraft.

In Addition…

Our UAV is only flown under previously approved circumstances, and does not violate any FAA regulations currently enacted. It is only flown within the line of sight of the operator. We take every precaution to fly our aerial video camera safely! Open Range Productions will not use a person’s image or other personal information without their consent.