Our Equipment

We use state-of-the-art technology to capture
the highest quality video for our clients.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – We Fly Where They Can’t

Our remote controlled UAV can capture video from an incredibly unique angle – up to 1,000 feet off the ground! Our UAV is perfect for obtaining close range aerial photography and video footage; its highly maneuverable nature allows us to give your project a new and exciting perspective.

Here are a few more reasons you need aerial video as a part of your project:

  • Give viewers the bigger picture – help show the story instead of tell it.
  • Provide access to hard to reach areas, such as disaster zones, and center of crops.
  • Cover more area in a shorter time, increasing cost effectivity of your project.
  • High quality and cost effective video compared to the extremely expensive manned helicopter option.
  • View and transfer images and video during the shoot to make adjustments on the fly.
  • Charges quickly, (in just one hour) for most effective use of time allotted.
  • Deliver video at a height and proximity to the subject matter that traditional aircraft simply cannot provide.
  • Obtain aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of traditional aircraft video production methods.

Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Cinema Camera – Revolutionizing the Workflow

Our Blackmagic URSA 4K Digital Cinema Camera streamlines the video capturing process. The Blackmagic Digital Cinema Camera is a self-contained video production camera that allows us to take nonstop high-quality HD videos.

  • Dual recorders let you record nonstop — perfect for documentaries and historical videos.
  • Get a clear viewing experience with a 10-inch fold out monitor screen.
  • An ultra wide viewing lens allows us to capture every angle.
  • No extra equipment needed so you can save money.
  • A range of brightness controls allows us to capture hard-to-see details.
  • DaVinci Resolve software is included for a seamless post-production process.

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