Who We Work With

Our list of clients extends beyond the individual working on a film production project; Open Range Productions has relationships with other video production studios and agencies as well. If our aerial videography can enhance your project, we want to work with you.

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Individual Film Producers

Whether you need our help for the duration of your video production, or just need our aerial expertise for a specific portion of it, Open Range Productions is happy to partner with you.


If you’re a video production studio who recognizes the benefits aerial footage can bring to a project, then you’re likely to keep handy a short list of friends who can help out. We want to be at the top of that list! We can provide the stable video platform your client is looking for – hundreds of feet off the ground. We’d like to build a relationship with you and your clients to help add the missing piece to their video production. Referrals are a two-way street; we’re happy to make a recommendation your way, too!

Subcontract Agreements

As a video production studio, you know the importance of areas of expertise, and enhanced footage. You may not use aerial videography for all your work, but if the need (or want!) arises, we’d love to join the project as a subcontractor. Our equipment negates the need to fuss with a jib or dolly system – and our aerial video footage quality will far surpass anything else you find in the Midwest. We’re all in this together for one reason: to produce fantastic video. Let’s work together.

Would you like more information about how our aerial video experience can make your project better? Get in touch.